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Production Team

Our Worship Celebration Service is directed by our Production Team: Melissa Silva, Arla Reed and Lois Hood.

Worship at Faith Church is intended to lead you to a place of praise and adoration to our Lord Jesus Christ. It is meant to bridge scripture with life held in an atmosphere of friendship and love. We believe that the Bible is totally true and changes lives. Therefore, we pursue worship that is culturally relevant, while remaining true to the Bible and its teachings, and keeping in accordance to Faith'sVision and Core Values.

Business Manager - Randy Coryell


Randy is not only our Business Manager, but also an Elder, Small Group Leader, and Presbytery Treasurer. He does this while only spending ten hours a week at the church.

If you believe the part about ten hours, Randy has some swamp land near Parish he will sell you.

Receptionist Susan Field

Susan is originally from Massachusetts and is our Receptionist.

I have attended church my whole life but it wasn’t until I was 30 that I accepted Christ’s invitation to follow Him in earnest. I am so grateful to God for His compassion, forgiveness and mercy. The words to Bill Gaither’s praise chorus 'Something Beautiful' say it all for me . . . 'All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife but He made something beautiful of my life'.

My passion is teaching Adult Christian Ed. I believe if you are a follower of Christ, it is imperative to know what you believe, why you believe it, and to be ready to explain or defend it. Teaching helps me clarify my own beliefs, but also instill knowledge and passion into the lives of others.

I have an adult step-daughter and several nieces and nephews whom I just adore.”