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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Promiseland licensed?

Yes, permit # 58-03-00959 .

2.  Are teachers qualified?

Yes, all teachers have at least had the state and county required classes as well as first aid and CPR training. Some have their CDA or college degree.

3. How many children can attend?

We have room for 14 children in each classroom. At this time there are three classrooms.

4. What is the school year calendar like?

We follow the Sarasota County Public School Calendar. This means we are closed when the Public schools are closed. Please refer to the calendar attached to the registration form.

5. What about toilet training?

All children need to be at least 2 1/2 and either trained or working on their toilet training when they begin school. We understand that accidents happen. We ask that your child always have a change of clothes at school.

6. How safe is my child at school?

We require that you sign in/out your child. If someone different needs to pick up your child we need to know who that is before they arrive. All doors to the building are locked except at drop off and pick up times.

7.  Does the school go on field trips?

Yes, when the schedule and lesson allow.

8. Do I need to be affiliated with Faith Church or another Presbyterian Church to have my child attend?


9. What curriculum do you use?

We use a Christian curriculum called WEE LEARN. This is an open-ended curriculum that is designed to meet the Reading Readiness Standards and is used to develop lesson plans that meet the learning styles of the children enrolled.

10. How can I enroll my child?

Please click here review our registration and tuition page for more information.

11. Where is Promiseland Located?

The entrance is on the East end of the Faith Presbyterian Church Childrens Wing.

Click on the picture below for Directions to Faith Church.

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