Merry Christmas from Faith Presbyterian Church

Still of the Night 

New-fallen snow covers the ground 
the scent of winter fills the air 
children playing in the streets 
living life without a care 

A lonely snowman stands 
proudly in the square 
adults go rushing past 
without noticing he is there

Candles flicker in the window 
like a guiding light 
casting a gentle shadow 
into the stillness of the night

In the distance there are church bells 
that suddenly start to ring 
announcing the arrival of Christmas 
Remembering the birth of the King. 

Christine McClimans


Experience the Blessing of Christmas

This Christmas, take some time to remember the reason we are all celebrating,  Jesus' birth. There will be a special service that will recall the miracle of that Christmas night and provide insight into how the Christmas events make a difference in our lives today.


Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship

at 7:00 PM

Again, we send warmest wishes for a
 Very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year